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Grapes: Viticulture Extension Resources

Viticulture News and  Meeting Updates

Grower Information and Resources

Links to checklists, guides, presentations, references, and tip sheets for growers and Extension agents.

1. Grape Grower's Checklist: a step-by-step guide for new grape growers in Virginia.  more >>

2. Recommended Publications

3. eViticulture : A national viticulture extension resource.  

4.   East Coast Viticultural Suitability Investigative Tool : This web application is used to display maps and utilize geoprocessing tools built for the USDA-SCRI funded project, "Improved grape and wine quality in a challenging environment: An eastern US model for sustainability and economic vitality."

5. Extension Presentations: PowerPoint presentations from previous industry meetings.  more >>

6. Online presentations about dormant pruning of grapevines.

Dormant Pruning Module 1                                                                                                                      

Dormant Pruning Module 2

Dormant Pruning Module 3

7. Compost Use in the Vineyard

8. Grapevine Petiole Sampling Instructions 

9. Grape Pest Management



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