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The world-class research and extension experts of the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station (VAES) are dedicated to developing and implementing research that addresses the growing needs, expectations, and forthcoming challenges and opportunities within society. VAES prioritizes knowledge creation by integrating advanced technological and scientific innovations to create efficiencies and foster sustainable economic growth. We are committed to translating knowledge into practical applications to protect and enhance agricultural and food systems. This approach includes agriculture production, management of natural and environmental resources, and advancements in life sciences.

VAES supports faculty both on campus and off campus at the Agricultural Research and Extension Centers (ARECs). This support spans across three separate colleges at Virginia Tech: the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.  Our dedicated faculty, students, and staff seated at the ARECs, along with faculty based at the main campus, serve Virginia communities with hands-on and experiential learning opportunities by delivering research and Extension programs at these sites.   

These centers represent the commonwealth’s diversity and take advantage of the unique characteristics and challenges found in each location. They serve not only as field-research sites and field laboratories for undergraduate and graduate students, but also as program sites for producers, school groups, and the state's citizens.


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Researchers use scientific discoveries based on the best techniques of qualitative and quantitative analysis to address today’s most pressing agricultural and environmental issues. More powerfully, the partnership between VAES and VCE creates a highly effective means for communicating and teaching new techniques with instant and lasting impact in local communities.

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