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Entomology Research and Extension


Research work at the center employs the principles of applied insect ecology to address extant and emerging pest management issues in eastern tree fruits and wine grapes. Projects seek to expand our knowledge of the biology and behavior of pest and beneficial species, toward the refinement of existing monitoring and management technologies and the development and validation of new tactics that will reduce reliance on synthetic pesticides.

Projects include:

  • Risk factors associated with grape root borer infestations in Virginia vineyards
  • Refinement of trapping protocols for grape root borer
Project Investigator(s)
Grape Root Borer in Eastern Vineyards J. Christopher Bergh


The grape Extension entomology program promotes the adoption of pest management decision-making processes that rely on information about the occurrence, relative abundance and developmental stage of pest species. Emphasis is placed on assisting growers in the transition to less reliance on organophosphate pesticides, as mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1996 Food Quality Protection Act.