Grapes on the vine

Personnel at the center conduct viticulture research as well as educating commercial grape growers and training Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) agents in interdisciplinary measures that improve grape quality and vineyard productivity.  Delivery methods include workshops, short courses, field meetings, and a variety of written media to disseminate information. To the extent possible, individual requests for information and assistance are handled by the viticulture team. Another role of the Extension viticulture program is to assist Extension faculty-agents with grape-related problems and provide in-service agent training. Some of this activity is of a regional nature, with colleagues in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The publication of the Wine Grape Production Guide for Eastern North America in 2008 is a recent example of an Extension deliverable.

Current Extension programs include:

  • Cooperation with local VCE agents with seasonal vineyard meetings.
  • Cooperation with the Virginia Vineyards Association on technical summer meeting and winter short course.
  • Development of a "Sustainable Vineyard Practices" workbook for Virginia grape producers.

Research projects

Extension resources