AREC faculty outside at AREC
AHS Jr. AREC Faculty 2019
E-mail Title
J. Christopher Bergh Professor of Entomology
Mizuho Nita Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology (grapes)
Tremain Hatch Viticulture Research/Extension Associate
Sherif M. Sherif
Assistant Professor of Pomology
Tony Wolf Director and Professor of Viticulture
Keith S. Yoder Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology
E-mail Title
Scott Kilmer Agricultural Specialist
Diana McHenry
Lab and Research Specialist II
Debra Marple
Administrative Assistant
William Royston Agricultural Specialist
Andew Davis Farm Manager
Research Associates and Visiting Scientists
Title Lab
Ms. Akiko Mangan Research Associate Nita
Ms. Akiko Nita Research Associate Nita
Dr. Jianyang (Jay) Liu  Research Associate Sherif
Dr. Jungkwan (JK) Lee Visiting Scientist Nita
Ms. Mikako Yamaguchi Visiting Scientist Nita
Mr. Robert Burgholzer Research Associate Nita
Dr. Tabibul Islam Research Associate Sherif
Graduate Students Degree and Major Advisor
Whitney Hadden PhD Entomology Chris Bergh    
Jared Dyer MSc Entomology Chris Bergh
Abdullah Nahiyan MSc Plant Pathology Mizuho Nita
Sangeeta Sapkota PhD Horticulture Sherif Sherif