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Matheus Correa Borba

Master's Student, Virginia Tech

Matheus Correa Borba born in 1997 in Sao Francisco do Sul - Santa Catarina - Brazil. He is currently doing his master’s in Plant Pathology at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA, USA. Presently doing his research with his advisor Dr. Srdjan Aćimović, on apple Bitter rot (Colletotrichum spp.) and European canker (Neonectria ditissima), and pear Fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) at Alson H. Smith Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center - AREC in Winchester, VA, USA. Matheus has completed his Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from the Agroveterinary Sciences Center of the Santa Catarina State University – UDESC (2021). Agricultural and Livestock Technician from Federal Institute of Santa Catarina Campus Araquari - SC (2014). As undergrad student, he received a scientific initiation scholarship in the area of Plant Virology, did internships in the area of tree fruit production of apples and bananas, in the gardening and landscaping in New York by The Ohio Program (Ohio State University) and with production of soybeans and cotton plumes in Mato Grosso State, Brazil. He worked as a foreign language instructor at the KNN languages school (2019). In 2023 he was a teaching assistant at Virginia Tech in an undergrad course (Mysterious Mushrooms and Molds). Matheus loves to surf, travel and Marvel movies.