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Tree Fruit: Pathology Research and Extension

Apple powdery mildew


Research projects in tree fruit pathology at the center include:

Extension and Outreach

The center’s Extension and outreach program applies research-based information and knowledge to commercial tree fruit crop growers and the public and addresses needs of the tree fruit crop industry in Virginia.  Emphasis is placed on educating and training growers and Extension agents about new orchard management tactics and new research findings. In order to achieve this, timely, novel, and educational information on orchard management practices is delivered to fruit growers and the public using orchard meetings, fruit schools, workshops, orchard visits, printed materials, phone contacts, and especially electronic media, including e-mail updates and the center website.

Extension projects in tree fruit pathology include:

  • Apple Summer Disease Monitoring
  • Effect of Powdery Mildew on Apple Yield and Its Economic Management
  • Management of Diseases of Tree Fruits