Mid-Atlantic Virtual Stakeholders Meeting

Crop growers use array of management practices to tackle losses from different biotic and abiotic stresses from pests, where weeds, insects and pathogens (diseases) are a major challenge. Modern agricultural operations have seen an increased use of automation, subsequently generating an enormous volume of data. However, its not clear how that data will be utilized by the end user and how these kinds of technologies will help growers on their farms. Advanced technologies like ground robots and aerial drones are composed of expensive hardware and proprietary software, resulting in limited access and adoption. Many vegetable growers in Mid-Atlantic region are not familiar with these technologies and lack the expertise to use them. Also, there are not enough training courses or material available for extension agents and consultants to acquaint growers with the latest updates.

In general, ‘aerial drones’ are more common point of discussion to indicate advancements in agriculture as they can provide real-time monitoring and management of crop fields while minimizing the adverse effect on the environment. It is expected that the availability of 5G connectivity will advance data analysis and transmission and may result in near-real time decision making. However, these technologies do have some practical challenges that need to be overcome through research and development.  

Researchers working on precision agriculture and smart farming in the Mid-Atlantic region invite you to join us for a virtual discussion to better understand interest, concerns, training requirements, issues with adoption of smart technologies and planning of research goals. This discussion will be held on January 14, 2022 at 10 AM, concluding at noon. The meeting is open to all stakeholders in the Mid-Atlantic region. We anticipate orgainizing these common platforms for discussion on annual basis.

Zoom Link: https://virginiatech.zoom.us/j/81767651744

This meeting is hosted by the Eastern Shore Agricultural Research & Extension Center, Virginia Tech. For more information, contact Lauren Seltzer (mlpeyton@vt.edu).