The Weed Science program at the Eastern Shore AREC is focused on fostering Virginia agriculture by developing innovative and sustainable weed management solutions for row crop and vegetable growers.  At the forefront of our research are management of herbicide-resistant weeds including common ragweed, horseweed, Palmer amaranth, and Italian ryegrass.  Additionally, our research will explore preemptive measures for avoiding herbicide resistance in the future.  It is also our mission to promote proper stewardship of new technology as it reaches the field.

Current and future research includes the following:

  • Burndown control of glyphosate- and ALS-resistant common ragweed and horseweed in a wheat/soybean double-crop situation 
  • Fomesafen and s-metolachlor combinations for residual weed control in watermelon
  • Weed management strategies for pumpkin
  • Evaluation of weed management strategies in cotton tolerant to dicamba, glyphosate, and glufosinate
  • Flumioxazin alone and in combination with pyroxasulfone for control of herbicide-resistant Italian ryegrass control
  • Long-term effects of rotation and turbo tillage on Italian ryegrass populations
  • Screening of residual herbicides for use in rapeseed production
  • Evaluation of fluridone for residual control of common ragweed


Charles W. Cahoon
Assistant Professor
(757) 414-0730 (Fax)

Thomas E. Hines
Senior Research Specialist
Eastern Shore AREC
33446 Research Drive
Painter, VA  23420
Phone: (757) 414-0724 ext. 37
Fax: (757) 414-0730