Robert Melvin Pitman


M.S. Agricultural Engineering, 1972, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

B.S. Agricultural Engineering, 1970, Virginia Polytechnic Institute 


• Outstanding Alumni Leadership Award, 2007, CALS, Virginia Tech

• State Extension Team Award, 2005, Epsilon Sigma Phi

• Research and Education Award, 2000, Virginia Soybean Association

• Friend of the Industry Award, 2000, Virginia Small Grains Association

Research efforts are primarily focused on support of the Virginia Tech breeding programs for wheat, barley and soybeans. Other research projects supported include evaluation of fertilizer formulations, crop protection chemicals, and crop management practices.

Each year EVAREC hosts Ag Day for third graders from the schools in the Northern Neck. A public field day is held each year, alternating between soybeans and small grains. Tours and lectures are provided for small groups as requested from time to time.

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Robert Melvin Pitman
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