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Bayscaping with Native Plants

Bayscaping - a style of low maintenance landscaping that serves to protect the streams, rivers, and waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Bayscaping Principles - plan for the long term, create diversity, use beneficial plants, conserve water, practice conservation landscaping.

Native Plants - plants that are adapted to local climate and soil types, and require minimal water, fertilizer, and pesticides. Native plants often attract and provide food and shelter to wildlife. Native plants can sometimes be difficult to find, transplant and establish.

Virginia Tech Hampton Roads AREC Bayscape Garden - This particular BayScape Garden was formed in partnership with the city of Virginia Beach. It displays plants that are native to Virginia and the southeastern United States, of which many are tolerant of wet soil.

More information on the Virginia Tech Hampton Roads BayScape Garden can be obtained by contacting Laurie Fox at For general information on Bayscaping visit The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay at