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Buffer Zone Demonstration

Buffer Zone: An area of vegetation bordering a body of water

Buffer zones are designed to:

  • Slow & spread runoff
  • Filter sediment, nutrients, & pollutants
  • Stabilize the shoreline & prevent erosion
  • Provide food & habitat for wildlife
  • Add visual & species diversity
  • Help moderate flooding

Buffer zones vary for each location, ranging from formally landscaped to naturalized. Most buffer zones are low maintenance combinations of woody and herbaceous lants in widths from 25' to over 100'.

Buffer zones improve water quality and can be easily created in residential or commercial landscapes. This buffer zone was established through a partnership between Virginia Tech and the City of Virginia Beach. To the right of the terraced walkway is an example of a more formal style of buffer zone, while the left side is more naturalized.

For more information on buffer zones go to:

Thanks to the following individuals for their knowledge, enthusiasm, and hard work:

  • Susan French, Virginia Beach Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech HRAREC