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Biological Systems Engineering

David Sample,, 757-363-3835

Project Investigator(s)
Evaluating Floating Treatment Wetlands and wet ponds for control of urban stormwater, assessing the effect of temperature David Sample, Jim Owen, Laurie Fox, Travis Spangler (MS student), Chih-yu Wang (National Taipei University)
Evaluating climate change effects on water quality and best management practice performance in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and estuary (NSF Water Sustainability and Climate) Nasrin Alamdari (PhD student), David Sample, Zach Easton, Ray Naggar (Penn State), Ming Li (U Md Cen. Env. Sciences)
Effects of incorporation and phosphorus rate on nutrient concentrations in simulated runoff from manured field corn Chris Brosch (MS student), David Sample, Mark Reiter
Comparing the Runoff Reduction Method with hydrologic model results in coastal Virginia David Sample, Rachael Johnson (MS student), Nasrin Alamdari (PhD student)
Development of a GIS-based BMP siting tool for use in coastal Virginia Rachael Johnson (MS student), David Sample
Comparing implementation of green infrastructure implementation in combined sewer systems David Sample, Willliam Lucas (Integrated Land Management), Alex Maestre (NOAA)
Developing a design-based model of bioretention systems Altair Rosa (PhD student visiting from Universidade de Sao Paulo), David Sample
Development of an ASCE sponsored workshop series on hydrologic modeling for BMP design David Sample, Nasrin Alamdari (PhD student), Rachael Johnson (MS student), Daniel Robinson (MS student)
Monitoring the effectiveness of 5-year old urban stormwater best management practices Daniel Robinson (MS student), Altair Rosa (PhD student visiting from Universidade de Sao Paulo), David Sample
Development of a series of fact sheets for residential best management practices for treatment of urban runoff Laurie Fox, Daniel Robinson (MS student), David Sample
Evaluating the dual benefits (water supply, runoff capture) of rainwater harvesting David Sample, Nasrin Alamdari (PhD student), Jia Liu (Michael Baker)


Peter Schultz,, 757-363-3907

Project Investigator(s)
Development of a sustainable integrated management program for ambrosia beetles as pests of woody ornamental Peter B. Schultz , C. Ranger (USDA), M. Redding (USDA), and J. Oliver (TSU)
Tactics for control of flea beetles in nurseries Peter B. Schultz, Brian Kunkel (UDel)
Integrating management of soft scales in southern landscapes. Peter B. Schultz

Nursery Production

Jim Owen,, 757-374-8153; Laurie Fox,, 757-363-3807

Project Investigator(s)
Clean WateR3 - Reduce, Remediate and Recycle - Enhancing alternative water resource availability and use to increase profitability in specialty crops (USDA-NIFA Award #2014-51181-22372) Jim Owen, Julie Brindley, David Sample, Laurie Fox, Sauray Kumar, Sarah White (PI-Clemson), Tom Fernandex (Michigan), Fan Hitchock (Clemson), John Lea-Cox (Maryland), Jennifer Parke (Oregon), Loren Oki (Califormia), Paul Fisher (Florida), Dewayne Ingram (Kentucky), Charlie Hall (Texas)
The influence of substrate moisture content on mineral nutrient retention in containerized crop production when fertigating (WaterR3 Project) Simon McPherson (post-baccalaureate intern) and Jim Owen
Determining utilization and efficacy of best management practices for the Virginia nursery and greenhouse industry (WateR3 Project) Rachel Mack (MS student), Jim Owen, Alex Niemiera and David Sample
Agrichemical and sediment remediation using unamended and amended filter socks (WateR3 Project) Julie Brindley (MS student) and Jim Owen
Investigating and altering soilless substrate hydrology to increase containerized crop water use efficiency (WateR3 Project) Jeb Fields (PhD student) and Jim Owen
Phosphorus fertilization optimization and fate when producing containerized crops (WateR3 Project) Jake Shreckhise (PhD Student), Jim Owen and Alex Niemiera
Post-harvest physiology of bare-root trees to better understand transplant in the nursery and/or landscape Jim Owen
Controlled release fertilizer and mineral nutrient supplement evaluation(s) Jim Owen and Julie Brindley
Water and heat fluxes in integrated tree-soil-pervious pavement systems Fran de la Mota (PhD student), Jim Owen and Susan Day
Remote sensing containerized crop stress to inform management decisions Reza Ehsani (Florida) and Jim Owen
Manage grounds and acquire new accessions for Tidewater Arboretum woody plant collection Tom Banko (Emeritus), Julie Brindley, and Jim Owen
Curate 5 water quality demonstration gardens Laurie Fox
Evaluating utility easement-compatible trees across Virginia Laurie Fox, Eric Wiseman

Plant Pathology

Chuan Hong,, 757-363-3908

Project Investigator(s)
Boxwood blight epidemiology and integrated management Chuanxue Hong, Anton Baudoin, Norm Dart, Herve Avenot, Xiao Yang
Developing new keys to phytophthora species to promote the nation’s agricultural biosecurity Chuanxue Hong and Mannon Gallegly
Etiology of new/emerging nursery-crop diseases Chuanxue Hong
Integrated management of zoosporic pathogens and water quality for a sustainable green industry Chuanxue Hong, Gary Moorman, John Lea-Cox, David Ross, Kevin Boyle, Darrell Bosch, Jim Dease, Warren Copes, Ping Kong, Belinda Carroll, Michael Stanghellini, Boris Vinatzer, Gladis Zinati, Edward Weiss
Oomyceticide resistance and Phytophthora disease management for the ornamental horticulture industry Chuanxue Hong,Heather Olson, Michael Benson, Steven Jeffers, Kelly Ivors, Karl Steddom, David Norman, Margaret Mmbaga, Jean Williams-Woodward

Small Fruit

Jayesh Samtani,, 757-363-3901

Evaluation of strawberry cultivars for Virginia Jayesh Samtani, Chuck Johnson, Jeremy Pattison, Roy Flanagan, and Stephanie Romelczyk
Evaluation of blackberry cultivars for Virginia Jayesh Samtani, Mikel Conway
Developing soil solarization and microwaves for pest management in annual plasticulture strawberry production Jayesh Samtani, Jeffrey Derr, Aman Rana, and Roy Flanagan
Evaluating soil solarization and mustard seed meal treatments for pest management in annual plasticulture strawberry production Jayesh Samtani and Chuck Johnson

Weed Science

Jeff Derr,, 757-363-3912, AREC Director

Project Investigator(s)
Biology and management of new invasive weed species in the nursery industry Jeffrey Derr , Joe Neal
Control of annual and perennial weed species in turfgrass Jeffrey Derr
Integrated pest management of weeds in landscapes - Develop Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies for weeds in nursery crops Jeffrey Derr
Management of sedges in container and field nursery production Jeffrey Derr
Weed management in tree and small fruit production Jeffrey Derr