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Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center

Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MARE) in Middleburg, Virginia

Middleburg AREC
Middleburg AREC — Some members of the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors joined the university’s operational leaders for a tour of the Agricultural Research and Extension Centers (ARECs) and other teaching and research facilities across the state from Monday, Feb. 25 through Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. During the four-day tour, participants saw presentations on the activities occurring across the state, toured some of the facilities associated with each location, and learned about the support needs of each off-campus team.
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Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MARE) in Middleburg, Virginia

Situated in the heart of Virginia’s horse country, the Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension (MARE) Center is one of Virginia Tech’s 11 ARECs. Philanthropist Paul Mellon donated the 420-acre farm to Virginia Tech in 1949 to foster research that improved pasture and animal productivity while enhancing the land. The center was used primarily for beef cattle research for 40 years, but was rededicated to equine research and teaching in 1992.

Today, the MARE Center continues to play a critical role in the discovery, outreach, and education missions of Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Through collaborations with academic and industry partners around the world, the center advances the health and well-being of the horse through innovative research efforts and exceptional educational programming in equine science.  

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Equine nutrition and exercise physiology
Equine health and disease
Animal behavior and psychology
Ecosystem management
Biodevice design

Upclose Image of inertial sensor on front forelimb of horse


Smart apps for nutrition and exercise decisions
The best management practices living laboratory
Pasture grasses for water and carbon sequestration

smart APP for animal exercise and nutrition on phone


420 acres
Exercise and nutrition barns
Nature trail and conservation area
Office building and conference room

barn at middleburg AREC


Equine nutritionists
Conservation groups
Grassland and forage specialists

people talking in field

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