The Equine Studies at Middleburg curriculum provides advanced coursework which supplements that available on most university campuses. Courses include:

  • Advanced Topics in Equine Science (2 cr) – Current industry and research topics will be presented and discussed via assigned readings and discourse. Additionally, formal instruction will be given in research methodology, scientific inquiry, problem solving and critical and creative thinking. Individual and group projects will be assigned. Offered Spring and Fall semesters. 
  • Equine Internship (2 cr) – In addition to their academic efforts, students have significant responsibilities related to horse and facility management. Duties include basic horse care and feeding; non-emergency equine medical care; training and handling of young horses; facility maintenance; and activities related to extension and outreach events at the MARE Center. Offered Spring and Fall semesters.
  • Students may also enroll in undergraduate research and/or independent study credits