At the MARE Center, we are committed to student learning. In addition to regular coursework, our students can engage in many different kinds of formal and informal educational opportunities. We encourage collaboration, creativity and scientific inquiry, and challenge our students to explore areas of particular interest to them. Among the many opportunities available to MARE Center students are:


WALTHAM Prize for Undergraduate Research in Equine Nutrition:  This program is designed to mentor undergraduate students as they  progress through all aspects of scholarly research, including project development, proposal writing, protocol implementation, data collection and analysis, and public reporting of results. Awards will be granted based on quality and feasibility of proposed projects in the general area of equine nutrition and/or its effects on health, welfare or behavior.  Students may apply for up to $2500 in total funding.  The total funds awarded will include a $500 student stipend and up to $2000 for research supplies, travel to a conference for presentation of the research, and other project-related expenses as approved by faculty reviewers. Students are required to be enrolled in the Equine Studies at Middleburg program for either Spring or Fall semester in order to be considered eligible for this award.

Equine Reproduction Research Team: This program provides collaborative learning opportunities for undergraduate students as they explore topics related to reproduction in the mare or stallion. A diverse research atmosphere will allow students to gain skills in a laboratory setting as well as an additional perspective on the applied, whole animal model. Utilizing a team-based approach, MARE Center faculty and staff will mentor students as they work together to design, propose and implement a project suitable for publication in a scholarly journal or presentation at a scientific meeting. Funding is available to help defer costs of research supplies, travel to present results, and other related expenses. Students are required to be enrolled in the Equine Studies at Middleburg program for either Spring or Fall semester in order to be considered eligible for this program.

Journal Club: Undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty explore and discuss scientific literature related to equine science in this weekly activity. Journal clubs help develop critical thinking, collegiality and leadership skills and foster a deeper understanding of relevant material.

Independent Studies: Individual students who would like to explore industry or scientific topics can do so during their stay at the MARE Center. Recent independent studies have included projects related to event planning, equine marketing, maternal behavior, and training of the young horse.


Field Trips and Outreach Events: Nestled in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic horse community, the MARE Center is ideally positioned  to provide our students with unparalleled access to many of the nation's top equestrian facilities. Through their role as MARE Center ambassadors, our students have the opportunity to network with many prominent equine scientists and professionals from around the world. Additionally, the MARE Center hosts several outreach and extension events annually, and our students regularly participate in these unique programs.