One of the best things you can do when a hurricane is approaching is to leave. If you chose to evacuate with your animals, particularly if you’re hauling them in a trailer, be sure to leave early – at least 48 hours before the hurricane is supposed to make landfall, in order to miss the high wind advisories and traffic jams. Know where you’re going, and have alternate routes to get there. Call ahead to make sure you have a place for your horses and to let people know you’re on the road. 

Whether you stay or go, make sure you secure loose objects, such as jumps, lawn furniture, and trash cans. Place any vehicles left behind in an open field so they don’t end up under trees or collapsed buildings, and turn off the power to the barns and outbuildings to prevent fire in case of downed wires. Plan ahead and have enough feed and water for your animals to last at least 72 hours, if not longer.
The biggest key is to make a plan and follow the plan – be prepared!