Faculty E-mail Position / Areas of Interest On-site / Off-site Faculty
Bridgett McIntosh,
Equine Extension Specialist
bmcintosh@vt.edu Equine Nutrition, Forages, and Pasture Management On-site Faculty
Sandy Arnold,
Equine Extension
Youth Specialist
horse4h@vt.edu 4-H, Youth Education & Outreach On-site Faculty
Sally Johnson,
Paul Mellon
Distinguished Professor
of Agriculture
sealy@vt.edu Stem Cell Biology Off-site Faculty
David Gerrard,
dgerrard@vt.edu Head, Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences Off-site Faculty
Staff E-mail On-site
Rita Rollison,
Admin. and Off. Specialist III
rbrady@vt.edu On-site Staff
Tait Golightly,
Farm Manager
tgolight@vt.edu On-site Staff
Shannon Wilber,
Agricultural Technician II
On-site Staff
PhD Students E-mail Area of Interest
Kristine Ely,
PhD Student
kely1@vt.edu Equine Nutrition
Shayan Ghajar,
PhD Student
sghajar@vt.edu Grassland Ecology & Equine Nutrition
Katelyn Kaufman,
PhD Candidate
katelyn7@vt.edu Equine Nutrition