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Kyle R. Peer

Superintendent, Reynolds Homestead FRRC
Kyle R. Peer
  • Fax: (276) 694-2971

M.S., Forestry, 1997, University of Maine

Research at the Reynolds covers a broad range of modern forestry topics including intensive plantation management, varietal selection and testing and tree physiology experiments.  At the Reynolds we integrate these intensively managed stands with wildlife management options such as native grass fields, wildlife timber harvesting (leaving mast trees), thinning, controlled burns etc. This allows us to offer a wide range of land management options on field days and tours.

As the current extension specialist for Christmas trees for the state of Virginia, my duties include providing information to the Christmas tree growers of Virginia in the form of workshops, publications and meetings.  I also sit on the board of the VCTGA (Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association) as their educational advisor.  I am available by phone or e-mail to answer any Christmas tree related question.

The Reynolds Homestead also provides extension activities in the form of classes for the Sharp Logger and Master Naturalist programs.  In addition we provide educational tours for many school groups and organizations such as DRBA and the forest landowner association.