Faculty E-mail Position / Areas of Interest
Dr. Gabriel Pent gpent@vt.edu Superintendent
Staff E-mail Position / Areas of Interest
Amanda Kirby akirby07@vt.edu Administrative Assistant
Brian Brooks
brbrooks@vt.edu Production Agriculture Technician  
Colby Sheets csheets2@vt.edu Production Agriculture Technician   
Christopher Beard chritb8@vt.edu Production Agriculture Technician   
On-Campus Faculty Conducting Research E-mail Project
Terry Swecker cvmwss@vt.edu Forage Systems Project, Herd Veterinarian
Scott Greiner   sgreiner@vt.edu Ram Test program
Ben Tracy   bftracy@vt.edu Forages, Forage Systems Project
Ozzie Abaye cotton@vt.edu Forages, Forage Systems Project
Gordon Groover xgrover@vt.edu Agricultural Economics
John Munsell jfmunsel@vt.edu Forestry Demonstration Project
Alan Ealey ealy@vt.edu Beef Cattle Reproduction
Extension Agents – Faculty Conducting Research E-mail Position / Areas of Interest
Matt Booher mrbooher@vt.edu Forages
John Benner benner89@vt.edu Forages
Adam Downing adowning@vt.edu Forestry

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