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Community Outreach

Onlookers watch rock climber at Family & Farm Day

Family and Farm Day

Family and Farm Day is held each year in mid-September. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun in a family atmosphere while learning about Virginia’s largest and oldest industry, AGRICULTURE.  Test your navigating skills in the corn maze. Express your artistic abilities making grain art and pine cone bird feeders. See sheep, goats, cows, chickens, and alpacas. Milk a cow, hold a live fish, learn how bees make honey and about spinning yarn. See what we make from peanuts, soybeans, corn, wheat, and cotton. Food is available on the premises.

Agriculture Awareness Day

Hands-on inquiry-based learning activities are conducted to educate the next generation about the exciting aspects of agriculture and science. Ideas and issues discussed in the classroom are brought to life for students. The learning activities are conducted by Virginia Cooperative Extension, Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District, Fort Barfoot Departments of Forestry and Environmental Office, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Virginia Farm Bureau, Nottoway Chapter of Future Farmers of America, Richlands Dairy, and Cedar Hill Farm. The program is designed for third grade students and contributes to the students’ preparation for the Standards of Learning test. Students crawl through a soil tunnel, study vermiculture (composting with worms), learn about erosion and the water cycle, what plants and trees need to grow, ATV safety, and how simple machines they use every day work. There are also opportunites for students to interact with the animals, such as a cow with calves, a sheep and lamb, a horse, and baby chicks.

A group of students learn about plant growth during Ag Awareness Day