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Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center

Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center

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  • Cotton, peanut, and soybean agronomy
  • Plant pathology of vegetables and row crops
  • Row crop entomology
  • Plant physiology
  • Swine reproductive physiology and management
  • Plant parasitic nematode management


  • Precision crop spraying using unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Hight-throughout phenotyping of biotic and abiotic stresses using image analysis and machine learning models
  • Molecular tools to identify major crop pathogens and detect mutation-based fungicide resistance
  • Valiable rate and micro-irrigation systems for row crops
  • Real-time soil analysis using teralytic probes
  • Weather-based prediction models for managing diseases in peanuts and cotton


  • 465-acre farm
  • 228-person auditorium
  • 34 buildings, including a new pesticide storage and disposal facility
  • 2 greenhouses; one fully automated
  • 5 rainout shelters for controlled rainfall and irrigation research


  • Peanut, cotton, corn, soybean, and small grain associations
  • Swine industry
  • Agricultural chemical, seed, and fertilizer industries
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