The Nematode Diagnostics lab is open for diagnostic samples for cotton, corn, peanuts, soybeans and vegetables only.  Diagnostic samples are taken during the growing season from areas of poor growth or nutrient or water stress symptoms in fields where nematodes are suspected to be a problem.  We cannot process predictive samples for multiple fields for next year’s crop.  Nematode samples should be taken at least 6-8 inches deep in the root zone adjacent to affected plants.  We need at least 1 pint of soil in a ziplock bag for the test.  Soil should be kept cool until delivered in-person to the Tidewater AREC or through your local Extension offices (  A Nematode Diagnostic Report ( is required for processing. If shipped overnight the address should be:

Tidewater AREC Nematode Diagnostic Lab, attn. Linda Byrd-Masters
6321 Holland Rd.
Suffolk, VA 23437