David Holshouser in soybean field
Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist David Holshouser inspects soybean crops at the Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center at its annual field day.


We extend agronomic knowledge and understanding to others by:

  • Observing current practices and listening to concerns
  • Improving the meaning and application of and simplifying scientific principles and research
  • Guiding the implementation of improved production practices through education and demonstration so to change behavior that leads to profitable and environmentally responsible agriculture.

Extension programs include:


Project Investigator(s)
Increasing Yields and Profitability for Mid-Atlantic Double-crop Soybean  
Validation of a Weather-based Advisory for Foliar Fungicide Application in Soybean Hillary Mehl and David Holshouser
Agronomic and Economic Comparisons of Small Grain and Soybean Cropping Systems Phillip Browning, David Holshouser, Wade Thomason and Gordon Groover
Vegetative Growth Response and Yield with Starter Fertilizer and Bradyrhizobia japonicum Inoculation in Double-Cropped Soybean Kevin Dillon and David Holshouser
Disease Incidence, Yield, and Fungicide Effects on Double-Cropped Soybean Varieties Kevin Dillon and David Holshouser