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Mark J. Estienne

  • Ph.D., Animal and Dairy Science, 1987, University of Georgia
  • M.S., Animal Science, 1984, Virginia Tech
  • B.S., Animal Science, 1982, Virginia Tech
  • Virginia Tech Animal and Poultry Sciences Department Outstanding Alumnus (2019)
  • National Pork Board Award for Research Innovation (Southern Section-ASAS) (2011) (2012)
  • Virginia Pork Industry Association- Pork Industry Service Award (2011)
  • Northeast Section-American Society of Animal Science Outstanding Young Scientist Award (1998)
  • Maryland Pork Producers Association- Roy Porter Memorial Award for Service to the Swine Industry by a Non-producer (1997)


Course Taught

Fall and Spring Semesters:

  • APSC 4004: Contemporary Issues in Animal and Poultry Sciences. Provides guest lectures focused on Contemporary Issues facing the Pork Industry.

The principle objective of my work at the Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center (TAREC) is to provide the Commonwealth with a high quality research program in reproductive physiology that is directed at solving problems in the Virginia and U.S. swine industries. I adhere to the philosophy that a mix of applied and basic research is the most effective approach toward solving swine industry problems. Applied research addresses acute challenges in the industry while a basic component in agricultural research is necessary for long-term advances and because scientists cannot effectively control what they do not completely understand. Specific research interests include the impact of nutrition and management on sow reproductive performance, enhancing growth and animal well-being in suckling and nursery pigs, and novel strategies for mitigating the effects of pork production on environmental quality.

Swine Physiology, Reproduction and Management Program

I have the responsibility to develop and implement extension education programs for producers in the diverse swine industry of Virginia, that Includes large corporate farms and contract growers, small-scale and niche market pig farmers, as well as 4-H and FFA Youth swine exhibitors.  I serve as an ex officio member of the Virginia Pork Council Board of Directors and as an Editor for the United States Pork Center of Excellence's Pig Information Gateway.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications - Mark J. Estienne

Selected Refereed Publications (past five years)

* Indicates student advisee

Estienne, M.J., K.A. Williams, N.K. Emami, S.G. Clark-Deener, and R.A. Dalloul.  2022.  Effects of different parenteral Iron treatment regimens on hematology characteristics, serum concentrations of hepcidin, and growth performance In pigs fed nursery diets supplemented with copper.  Journal of Swine Health and Production 30:210-222.

Wang, D., M.D. Lindemann, and M.J. Estienne.  2020. Effect of folic acid supplementation and dietary protein level on growth performance, serum chemistry and immune response in weanling piglets fed differing concentrations of aflatoxinToxins 12:651 

Estienne, M.J., S.G. Clark-Deener, and K.A. Williams. 2020. Growth performance and hematology characteristics in pigs treated with iron at weaning as influenced by nursery diets supplemented with copper. Journal of Swine Health and Production, 28: 190-203.

Tsai, T., G.A. Apgar, M.J. Estienne, M. Wilson, and C.V. Maxwell.  2020.  A cooperative study assessing reproductive performance in sows fed diets supplemented with organic or inorganic sources of trace minerals.  Translational Animal Science, 4:59-66.

Callahan, S.R.*, A.J. Cross, A.E. DeDecker, M.D. Lindemann, and M.J. Estienne.  2020.  Effects of group-size-floor space allowance during the nursery phase of production on future litter size and retention of sows through three parities.  Translational Animal Science, 4:299-306.

Estienne, M.J., S.G. Clark-Deener, and K.A. Williams.  2019.  Growth performance and hematology characteristics in pigs treated with iron at birth and weaning and fed a nursery diet supplemented with a pharmacological level of zinc oxide.  Journal of Swine Health and Production, 27:64-75.

Petrone, R.C.*, K.A. Williams, and M.J. Estienne.  2019.  Effects of dietary menhaden oil on growth and reproduction in gilts farrowed by sows that consumed diets containing menhaden oil during gestation and lactation.  Animal: An International Journal of Bioscience, 13:1944-1951.