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Project Title: Investigator(s):
Field Crop Entomology Sally Taylor

Field Crops

Project Title: Investigator(s):
Field Crop Pathology Hillary Mehl


Project Title: Investigator(s):
Peanut Variety Evaluation and Crop Physiology Maria Balota


Project Title: Investigator(s):
Cotton and Soybeans William Frame, David Holshouser


Project Title: Investigator(s):
Swine Physiology, Reproduction and Management Mark Estienne

Research: External Awards Summary

Faculty at the Tidewater AREC are very active in pursuing external funding. Much of this funding comes from competitive grants from commodity boards and federal sources. Tidewater AREC faculty also have a history of strong funding from the agricultural chemical, fertilizer, and seed industries. Listed below are the major commodity groups and the number of grants each has awarded Tidewater AREC faculty over the past 10 years.

  • Cotton Incorporated - 28 grants
  • National Pork Board - 2 grants
  • Virginia Ag. Council - 24 grants
  • Virginia Cotton Board - 23 grants
  • Virginia Peanut Board - 22 grants
  • Virginia Peanut Growers - 22 grants
  • Virginia Pork Board - 10 grants
  • Virginia Soybean Board - 31 grants
  • Virginia-Carolina Peanut Growers Assoc. – 8 grants

Research: Key Collaborations and Interdisciplinary Efforts

  • William Frame, David Holshouser and Maria Balota are currently working on grant funded by the Virginia Ag. Council which focuses on improving water use efficiency in Virginia’s Agroecosystems.
  • Hillary Mehl and David Holshouser have received funding from the Virginia Soybean Board to validate a spray advisory which will help soybean growers time fungicide applications for more efficaint control of foliar soybean diseases.