Headshot of Domena A. Agyeman
Domena Agyeman, postdoctoral associate at the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center

The Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center is pleased to welcome Domena Agyeman to our team. Domena, who completed his PhD this year, is the newest addition to the growing Seafood Economic Analysis and Marketing Research program, one of the center's core programs aimed at supporting the economic viability, sustainability, and growth of the seafood industry.

In his research, Domena employs computable general equilibrium modeling and input-output modeling techniques for impact and contribution analyses. In his new position as a postdoctoral associate, Domena will study the impacts and effectiveness of North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) funded projects in aquaculture within the North Central Region. He is excited to leverage his expertise to shed light on the economic contributions and impacts of the aquaculture industry. 

Domena moved to Virginia to join Virginia Tech after earning a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky. He received a BS in Agricultural Science from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and a MS in Agricultural Economics from Mississippi State University.