We recently celebrated outstanding achievements, embraced new beginnings, and bid a fond farewell to some truly phenomenal members of our team!

Domena Agyeman has contributed meticulous work performing impact and contribution analyses as a postdoctoral associate in our Seafood Economic Analysis and Marketing Research (SEAMaR) program team since 2021. His diligent work applying modeling techniques to measure impacts and effectiveness has helped advance the program's mission, propelling the economic viability, sustainability, and growth of the seafood industry. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued application of his expertise and innovative ideas as he assumes a new faculty position in California.

Joining us from the distant shores of Brazil, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dariano Krummenauer and student intern and researcher Bianca Ramiro have enriched our aquaculture program during their months studying biofloc systems at our center. Visiting from the Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG, their dedicated months performing trials comparing shrimp farming methods facilitated a rich exchange of insights with our team. We thank you for your hard work and unwavering commitment to scientific excellence!

As these brilliant minds set sail toward new opportunities, we celebrate their contributions and look forward to the enduring impact they will undoubtedly leave in the broader scientific community.