The most essential ingredient for enjoying safe and delicious seafood is the least flavorful — lots of ice!

This video publication covers practices for properly icing fish during transport and storage at home to preserve its quality and safety. The video, developed by staff and faculty from Virginia Agricultural Research and Extension Center in partnership with Virginia Sea Grant, provides useful information on how to pack fish in ice during transport home after a day of fishing. Once at home, the video shows how to best prepare fish for storage in the refrigerator or freezer to ensure that the fish is delicious and safe to eat.

The video is also available on the Virginia Cooperative Extension resource page.


Authors: Abigail Villalba, Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech – Seafood AREC; Keri Rouse, Communications Associate, Virginia Tech – Seafood AREC; Aileen Devlin, Digital Storyteller, Virginia Sea Grant; Robert Lane , Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech – Seafood AREC; Jay Clark, Communications Program Manager, Virginia Sea Grant; Madeleine Jepsen , Staff Writer, Virginia Sea Grant; Celia Cackowski, Marine Education Specialist, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences

Music credit: Wholesome by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: VGS-21-6