Presenter standing at podium.

The Virginia Aquaculture Conference in Newport News recently drew together seafood industry leaders, aquaculturists, and researchers, with the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension (AREC) faculty and staff participating in the sessions.

Organized by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Marine Advisory Program, the conference, which took place on November 10-11, featured a  trade show and a wealth of resources, technologies, and research pertinent to the aquaculture industry.

The conference was abuzz with the vibrant energy of Virginia-based businesses and institutions, providing a crucial platform for local collaboration. At the heart of this dynamic exchange was a bustling trade show showcasing the latest advancements and insights.

Center researchers speak with conference attendee at Virginia Aquaculture Conference.
Center researchers speak with Virginia Aquaculture Conference attendee at the VSAREC expo booth. Photo by Keri Rouse for VT.

Program updates and research on biofloc systems, consumer preferences, and economic impacts were spotlighted in sessions with presentations by Virginia Tech faculty and students. The Virginia Seafood AREC's expo booth became a hub of activity, with informative program displays and discussions around the current projects and initiatives to support the seafood industry's growth and resilience.

Presentations delivered by Virginia Seafood AREC faculty and students

HACCP in aquaponics/hydroponics
-Katheryn Parraga-Estrada, Muscle Food Safety Specialist
Economic contributions of the Virginia seafood industry
- Fernando Gonçalves, Research Scientist
New national partnership to advance aquaculture and marketing research extension
- Noah Boldt, Research Associate
Consumer preferences for marine finfish
- Domena Agyeman, Postdoctoral Associate
Environmentally friendly production of marine shrimp in super intensive systems in Virginia
- Otávio Augusta, Visiting Student Researcher from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG
Economic impact of shellfish closures in Virginia
- Fernando Gonçalves, Research Scientist
Program Update: Seafood Economic Analysis and Marketing Research (SEAMaR)
-Jonathan van Senten, VSAREC Assistant Director, Assistant Professor
Program Update: Virginia Tech - Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center
-Michael Schwarz, VSAREC Director

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