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Daniel E. Kauffman

Extension Specialist Seafood (Business)
Dan Kauffman
  • Fax: (757) 727-4871

Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, 1983, Michigan State University

M.S., Journalism, 1972, Columbia University

B.A., Economics, 1969, Goshen College

  • Conduct research on seafood marketing, particularly as it relates to non-traditional markets, like ethnic live markets or value-added seafood products.
  • Conduct research on how coastal communities increase income opportunities given the resources at hand.
  • Conduct research on increasing market opportunities for aquaculture products.
  • Conduct research on how seafood markets perform in conjunction with regulation and how market incentives might be better harnessed for improved regulation and performance.
  • Provide information about niche markets and value-added markets to wild caught and aquaculture producers.
  • Assist producers with acquiring the skills necessary to penetrate these new markets and analyze potential costs and revenues.
  • Provide information and analysis to seafood producers for starting new businesses or line extensions of old ones.
  • Provide information on how regulations and changes in them will potentially affect system performance.

Current or completed research grants and funding

  • Kauffman D., M.Walker, M. Jahncke. A Grocery Store Test Market for Farmer Grown Shrimp. U.S.D.A. (2012) $20,909.
  • Jahncke M., M. Schwarz, D. Kauffman. Developing of Recirculating System for Marine Shrimp Production. Virginia Tobacco Indemification Commission, $55, 715.
  • Kauffman D., T. Rippen, D. Hicks. Creating and Bringing to market value-added seafood products. National Sea Grant College Program. $11,750.
  • Kuhn, D., L. Marsh, G. Flick, D. Kauffman et al. An Integrated Research/Extension Program for Economic Development in Southside and Southwest Virginia. 2010 CALS Integrated Internal Competitive Grants Program. (2010) $49,697.
  • Parveen, S.; Bowers, J.; Browhawn, K.; Jahancke, M.; Kauffman, D.; Rippen, T. Evaluation Of Practical Post-Harvest Mitigation Strategies To Reduce The Abundance Of Vibrio Bacteria In Molluscan Shellfish. USDA National Food and Agriculture Institute (2010) $499,895.
  • Kauffman, D.; Clarke, V.; Oesterling, M. Increasing the recognition of and the demand for VA half-shell cultured oysters. Virginia Marine Products Board. (2010) $8,700.
  • Kauffman, D. Creating and bringing to market value-added seafood products. Commercial Fish and Shellfish Technologies. (2009) $10,450.
  • Jahncke, M.; Rippen T.: Kauffman, D. et al. Developing and evaluating for market acceptability different pasteurized crab packages. VA Sea Grant (2007) $86,189.
  • Kauffman, D., et al. Creating new markets for VA caught red crab. CFAST (2008) $12,239
  • Kauffman, D., et al. Will tourists pay to experience a waterman’s world on Tangier. CFAST 2006 ($12,926)
  • Kauffman, D., D. Taylor, Managing flounder openings for maximum revenue. VA Sea Grant (2005) $68,977

Recent reports and publications