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Ethan McAlhaney

Ethan assists with the aquaculture floor at the center, supporting program research by keeping the recirculating aquaculture system running smoothly, maintaining tanks, and keeping the resident fish fed and accounted for.

Before joining the Hokie team, Ethan spent some time working with Clemson University in an aquaponics lab and with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources at the Waddell Mariculture Facility working with Cobia and other saltwater game fish. During his time with the WMC, Ethan met his soon-to-be wife and moved to Miami, FL. While in Miami, Ethan began working in the lake and wetland industry. This involved stocking fish, managing invasives, and maintaining water quality. 

Opportunity brought both Ethan and his wife to Virginia, where he gained a management position before joining the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and his wife began working for the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. In his spare time, Ethan enjoys fishing for new species to add to his "life list" and writes stories about his adventures on a fishing blog. He also enjoys working in his woodshop and exploring with his wife and their German Shorthaired Pointer. 

B.S. Natural Resource Management with a focus in Fisheries and Aquaculture and a Minor in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, Clemson University