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Taozhu Sun

Taozhu Sun is a Postdoctoral Associate working with Dr. Reza Ovissipour in Future Foods Lab and Cellular Agriculture Initiative at Virginia Tech – Virginia Seafood AREC. Her main goal is to help the team develop novel approaches for reducing pathogenic bacteria and complex microbial biofilms from surfaces and water. 

Her main project is to develop/apply nanobubbles technology in sanitizing dairy processing facilities to prevent and reduce bacterial contamination while ensuring the quality of dairy products. In addition, she will work on projects associated with food safety in cellular agriculture and microplastic pollution. 

Her doctoral research worked on a multi-disciplinary project under the advisement of Dr. Yan Jin at the University of Delaware. It focused on fresh produce safety and surface/interface analysis, including investigated mechanisms leading to bacterial retention on and removal from complex surfaces of natural and surrogate produce, studied the physicochemical interactions involved, and developed and evaluated several decontamination methods for removing/reducing the microbial population from different surfaces. 

Before joining the Virginia Seafood AREC, she worked with the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences and Horn Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware as a Postdoc Fellow on a project aiming to develop and commercialize novel technologies for sanitizing/disinfecting fresh produce, food-contact surfaces, and wash water using micro/nanobubbles. 

Ph.D., Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Delaware

B.S., Environmental Science, Heilongjiang University - Harbin, Heilongjiang

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