Aquaculture Research

Project Title Investigator(s)
Ornamental Aquaculture Initiative Stephen Urick, Michael Hans Schwarz, George Wenn, Abdelnaser Bayoumy, Jonathan van Senten
Commercialization of Intensive Copepod Culture Michael Hans Schwarz, Stephen Urick, Abdelnaser Bayoumy

Economics and Marketing Research

Project Title Investigator(s)
Marketing Live Cobia Daniel E. Kauffman, Michael Hans Schwarz and Berndon Delbos
Regulatory Cost for U.S. Baitfish and Sportfish Jonathan van Senten and Carole R. Engle
Economic Feasibility of Aquaponics Michael Hans Schwarz, Carole R. Engle, Jonathan van Senten, Chris Mullins

Food Safety Research

Project Title
Determination of Cooking Parameters for Safe Seafood for customers National Advisory Committee on Microbiology Criteria for Foods (NACMCF)
Develop "A Spanish-based low-literacy/non-technical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training curriculum for the meat and poultry industry". Joint research with NCSU, CLemson University and Virginia Tech
Development of Farmers market food safety materials to assist agents with program implementation R. Boyer and Abigail Villalba
Enhancing Food Safety Knowledge and Communication for the Hispanic Food Industry Workforce: 2007. Virginia Cooperative Extension Graduate Education Partnership J. Eifert, Abigail Villalba and Michael L. Jahncke
Enhancing Retail Store Food Saftey: USDA CSREESE NIFSI J. Eifert, Abigail Villalba and C. Cutter
Innovative Packaging for the Crab Meat Processing Industry Michael L. Jahncke, Bob Lane and Helen Crocker
Safe Seafood for Consumers Michael L. Jahncke, Kumar Mallikarjunan adn Helen Crocker