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Microbiological Testing and Technical Assistance

Food microbiology testing helps food producers ensure the safety and quality of foods from their raw ingredients all the way to finished products. The Food Safety Program at the Virginia Seafood AREC offers lab assistance, including microbiological testing in support of HACCP and GMP plans, shelf-life studies, and environmental monitoring. 

Our Extension specialists work closely with stakeholders to develop appropriate food microbiology testing procedures based on the unique ingredients, processing and storing conditions, and pH associated with their business’s products.

Facilities at the Virginia Seafood AREC in Hampton, Virginia, include a microbiological laboratory with Biosafety Level 2. Our trained food microbiologists can work with various pathogenic bacteria in a controlled environment to address routine testing needs and additional product development support.

Watch and learn how Muscle food safety specialist Katheryn Parrage-Estrada supports industry stakeholders by providing seafood shelf life analyses

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