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David B. Langston

David Langston
6321 Holland Rd.
Suffolk, VA
  • Ph.D., Plant Pathology, 1998, Virginia Tech
  • M.Ag., Crop Science, 1995, N.C. State
  • B.S., Agronomy, 1990, N.C. State


  • 2017 Virginia Tech CALS Distinguished Alumni Award - PPWS
  • 2016 APS Southern Division Outstanding Plant Pathologist
  • 2016 APS Excellence in Extension Award
  • 2011 Georgia Association of Plant Pathology Outstanding Presentation
  • 2009 National Assoc. of County Agricultural Agents Video Communication Award
  • 2008 The American Society for Horticultural Science Outstanding Extension Publication Award
  • 2007 National Assoc. of County Agricultural Agents Achievement Award
  • 2006 National Assoc. of County Agricultural Agents Communication Award
  • 2006 Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Award for Excellence in Extension
  • 2004 Georgia Association of Plant Pathology Outstanding Presentation     
  • 2002 Georgia Association of County Ag. Agents Young Regional Professional Award
  • 2002 University of Georgia CPES “Award for Excellence” for Junior Extension Scientist

Course Taught

Fall 2022: PPWS 4104L - Plant Pathogen Diagnostics Lab. Instructor of record at TAREC.

Spring 2023-2024: PPWS 5204 - Plant Disease Management.  Provide guest lectures on plant-parasitic nematodes and their management.

Spring 2021-2022: CSES 5444 - Advanced Agronomic Topics.  Responsible for a week-long series of lectures on plant pathology and disease management.

The Plant Pathology program at the Tidewater AREC focuses on being accessible and relevant to the Virginia Ag Industry.  Our extension efforts aim to deliver timely, up-to-date information to growers, extension agents, ag companies, commodity groups and state and federal agencies on disease and nematode management in corn, cotton, peanuts and soybeans.  We provide daily services to Virginia’s ag industry through the Peanut Cotton InfoNet, the Tidewater AREC Nematode Diagnostic Lab and the Tidewater AREC Plant Diagnostic Clinic.  We are committed to providing fast, accurate information for these services we provide.  Overall, we believe extension information is stakeholder driven.

*Denotes student advisee

•    Jordan, D. L., Anco, D., Balota, M., Langston, D., Lux, L., Shew, B., & Brandenburg, R. L. 2024. Survey of herbicide and fungicide use in peanut in North Carolina and Virginia in the United States. Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management, 10, e20263. 

•    Kaur, N., Mehl, H. L., Langston, D., & Haak, D. C. 2024. Evaluation of Stagonospora Nodorum Blotch Severity and Parastagonospora nodorum Population Structure and Genetic Diversity Across Multiple Locations and Wheat Varieties in Virginia. Phytopathology, PHYTO-10. 

•    Renfroe-Becton, H., Croft, J., Davis, C., Varn, J., Culbreath, A., Langston, D., & Anco, D. 2023. Phenotypic fungicide resistance and cross-resistance among Nothopassalora personata populations. PhytoFrontiers, (ja).

•    *Xing Wei, David B. Langston, Jr., and Hillary L. Mehl. 2022. Comparison of Current Peanut Fungicides Against Athelia rolfsii Through a Laboratory Bioassay of Detached Plant Tissues.  Plant Disease 106:8, 2046-2052. 

·      *Xing Wei, Marcela Aguilera, Rachael Walcheck, Dorothea Tholl, Song Li, David B. Langston, Jr., and Hillary L. Mehl. 2021. Detection of Soilborne Disease Utilizing Sensor Technologies: Lessons Learned from Studies on Stem Rot of Peanut Plant Health Progress 22:4, 436-444. 

·      *Xing Wei, David B. Langston Jr., and Hillary L. Mehl. Spectral and Thermal Responses of Peanut to Infection and Colonization with Athelia rolfsii. PhytoFrontiers 1:3, 173-181. 

·      *Wei X, Johnson MA, Langston DB Jr., Mehl HL, Li S. 2021. Identifying Optimal Wavelengths as Disease Signatures Using Hyperspectral Sensor and Machine Learning. Remote Sensing 13(14):2833.