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Abigail Villalba

Abigail Villalba
  • Fax: 757-727-48710

M.S. Agriculture, Food Science, May 1998, University of Kentucky

B.S. Agriculture, Animal Science, June 1981, Kansas State University

  • HACCP training — English and Spanish — seafood, meat, and poultry industry
  • Good Manufacturing Practices — English and Spanish — seafood industry
  • Sanitation Control Procedures — seafood industry
  • Enhance retail store food safety
  • Develop, evaluate, and deliver educational materials and training programs to retail grocery store employees to improve food safety
  • Develop a Spanish-based low-literacy/non-technical Good Manufacturing Practices training curriculum for the meat and poultry industry
  • Develop culturally sensitive, appropriate literacy level, and non-technical modules of basic GMP practices for Spanish-speaking meat and poultry processing workers as well as their supervisors
  • Enhance food safety knowledge and communication for the Hispanic food industry workforce
  • Identify currently available and needed food safety and food processing publications and training materials that can be developed into Spanish- and English-language versions
  • Development of farmers market food safety materials to assist agents with program implementation
  • Develop, improve, and standardize food-safety educational materials for Extension agents to facilitate training and information delivery to farmers market vendors and patrons
  • Improving and maintaining the safety and quality of seafood, meat and poultry products.
  • Application of research through education, scientific and technical guidance to the food industry.
  • Industry assistance with sanitation programs, HACCP plans and/or product development.
  • Assist industry to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of their food safety programs including HACCP plans and sanitation programs.
  • Help industry with product safety as well as compliance with regulations.
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