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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seafood AREC is offering only virtual training at this time.

Virtual training is a one-day course, participants are virtually present during the entire class day and no travel is required. 

Completed Segment 1 online training is still required for admission to the Segment 2 virtual course. Segment 1 online training can be completed on the Cornell University website. The Segment 1 online course is available in English and Spanish. The cost of the Segment 1 course is set at $75.00. The Segment 1 course consists of 12 modules, that may be completed within 6 months of the start date. Generally one module can be completed in an hour. Once the Segment 1 online course is completed,  you will receive an email from Cornell University indicating that you have completed Segment 1 and are eligible to take the Segment 2 course.  

Segment 2 virtual training is the practical portion that follows the online Segment 1 couse. Participants work in groups to complete a hazard analysis and create a HACCP plan for an assigned seafood product. The virtual Segment 2 course requires participants to be virtually present during the entire class day. No travel is required. You can select from a list of virtual Segment 2 courses available on the AFDO Seafood HACCP Alliance website by clicking on Seafood HACCP traning for students. There are many options for times and prices ranges for the Segment 2 course. 

To parcipate in Segment 2 virtual training, you must have access to the internet, a dedicated computer with a camera and microphone, and the required textbooks. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word is also required. 

Custom training by the Seafood AREC will be handled by request. Please contact us for more information about custom training. 

The Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center (AREC) in Hampton provides core research, outreach, and extension services to the Virginia seafood processing industry and other sections of the food industry. Below is a list of the food safety trainings available, related seafood safety and quality, sanitation, Allergen controls, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, in English and Spanish. If you are interested in attending any of these trainings or would like to schedule one, call our office at 757-727-4861 for more information. Also, check our website for information on upcoming training dates.

Cost ($)

Some trainings do have a cost that covers certificate fees, books, and materials. Costs are kept to a minimum to encourage participation.

Certificates and Training Letters

Certificates are issued by the organization when attendance requirements have been completed. Certificates can be used for regulatory as wells as third–party audits training verification requirements.

Training letters are issued by the Seafood AREC. Training letters can be used for regulatory as well as third–party audits training verification requirements.

Training Dates and Location

AREC Location: Trainings are provided at our AREC located at 102 South King Street, Hampton, Va. 23669

Onsite: Companies can request these trainings to be provided at their place of business. You will need to call and check instructor availability.