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Crack Open the World of Enjoying Oysters at Home with New Webinar Series

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If you are hungry to learn how incorporating more seafood into your meals can support a healthy lifestyle, you're in the right place! Eat More Fish is a free Virginia Cooperative Extension initiative to share the science behind the benefits of including more seafood in our diets, explore the historic seafood industry in Virginia, and uncover essential information to safely and deliciously prepare fish, oysters, and more at home. Joining our team of Extension specialists, industry insiders, and skilled cooks, you can build your confidence to bring fresh, local Virginia seafood into your own kitchen.

Webinar recordings, resources, and information about the various programs are all available online.

Summer 2023 - The Oyster Edition

Crack Open the World of Enjoying Oysters at Home with New Webinar Series

The second edition of Eat More Fish features all things oysters! In this three-part webinar series,  you can gain the know-how to start savoring oysters at home anad learn from our team of Extension specialists, industry insiders, and skilled cooks. Explore the science behind incorporating oysters into our diets and learn the essential knowledge and techniques to safely and scrumptiously prepare oysters in your own kitchen — from selecting and handling to cooking and even shucking!

Program dates: August 9th, August 16th, and August 23rd
Program Time: 10AM - 11AM EST

August 9th - Get to Know Oysters

  • Discover important oyster species in Virginia and their coastal distribution
  • Explore the Virginia seafood industry, shellfish sector, and oyster sales
  • Learn about oyster flavor profiles along the Virginia Oyster Trail
  • Buying fresh and local - resources to find stores and growers

August 16th - Resources to Bring to the Plate

  • Insights for dining out and ordering oysters at restaurants
  • Ensure food safety with essential considerations and tips
  • Hear from representatives from regulatory agencies about their roles and measures to ensure the shellfish you eat from state waters is safe

August 23rd - Let's Cook! And Shuck!

  • Why eat oysters? - the nutritional and health benefits of consuming oysters
  • The art of shucking and preparing oysters at home - demonstration video
  • Cooking demonstrations - Easy recipes for preparing meals with oysters at home

Summer 2022 Webinar Series

Eat More Fish began in 2022 with a 4-part webinar series highlighting the nutritional benefits of including fish in our diets, the array of fish species available in Virginia, and presentations and demonstrations about shopping for, transporting and storing, and handling and preparing fish at home.

Week 1 - Know Your Virginia Seafood

  • History, important species, and the economic role of seafood in Virginia
  • Consumer preferences - what people are looking for when buying seafood
  • Why eat fish? (Part I) - discuss the health benefits of seafood and the latest American Dietary Guidelines

Week 2 - Fish: Healthy, Lean Protein

  • Why eat fish? (Part II) - health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet
  • Buying fresh seafood - the do's and don'ts of purchasing seafood from grocery stores and markets
  • Tools and methods for filleting fish such as catfish and bluegills

Week 3 - Cooking and Handling Fish

  • Cooking with fish (Part I) - Easy recipes for preparing meals with fish
  • Handling fish and ensuring quality and food safety

Week 4 - Fish: The Delish Dish

  • Cooking with fish (Part II) - Easy recipes for preparing meals with fish
  • Know your seafood (interactive presentation) - attendees can test their knowledge during an interactive presentation with questions and discussion

This program is presented by Virginia Cooperative ExtensionVirginia State UniversityVirginia TechVirginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and the Virginia Marine Products Board.

Eat More Virginia Seafood Speakers and Team:

David Crosby
Fish Health Specialist Aquaculture Program, Virginia State University
Katheryn Parraga-Estrada
Extension Specialist - Muscle Food Safety - Virginia Seafood AREC
Susan P. Prillaman
Extension Agent - Family and Consumer Sciences - Food, Nutrition, and Health, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Jonathan van Senten
Assistant Director, Virginia Seafood AREC; Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Mike Hutt
Executive Director, Virginia Marine Products Board
Cynthia Gregg
Unit Coordinator, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources Animal Science

Keri Rouse
Communications Associate - Virginia Cooperative Extension - Virginia Tech VSAREC