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'Eat More Fish - The Oyster Edition' Program Resources Available

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Are you hungry to learn how to incorporate oysters into your culinary repertoire? Satisfy your appetite and indulge in this special oyster edition of the Eat More Fish program.

Gain the know-how to start savoring oysters at home through Extension specialists, industry insiders, and skilled cooks in this 3-session webinar series. The recordings and resources below will help you dive into the science behind incorporating oysters into our diets while celebrating their incredible role in supporting healthy waters. Learn the essential knowledge and techniques to safely and scrumptiously prepare oysters in your own kitchen — from selecting and handling to cooking and even shucking!

Get to Know Oysters

Week 1 - August 9th, 2023

  • Discover important oyster species in Virginia and their coastal distribution
  • Explore the Virginia seafood industry, shellfish sector, and oyster sales
  • Learn about oyster flavor profiles along the Virginia Oyster Trail
  • Buying fresh and local - resources to find stores and growers
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Resources to Bring to the Plate

Week 2 - August 16th, 2023

  • Insights for dining out and ordering oysters at restaurants
  • Ensure food safety with essential considerations and tips
  • Hear from representatives from regulatory agencies about their roles and measures to ensure the shellfish you eat from state waters is safe
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Let's Cook! And Shuck!

Week 3 - August 23rd, 2023

  • Why eat oysters? - the nutritional and health benefits of consuming oysters
  • The art of shucking and preparing oysters at home - demonstration video
  • Cooking demonstrations - Easy recipes for preparing meals with oysters at home
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Katheryn Parraga-Estrada
Extension Specialist - Muscle Food Safety
Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Keri Rouse
Communications Associate
Virginia Cooperative Extension - Virginia Tech Virginia Seafood AREC
Cynthia Gregg
Unit Coordinator, Extension Agent
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Mike Hutt
Executive Director
Virginia Marine Products Board
Charles Clark
Research Specialist Senior
Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Melissa J. Southworth
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Bethany Walton
Executive Director - Oyster South
Andrew Button
Deputy Chief, Shellfish Management Division
Virginia Marine Resources Commission
Adam Wood
Growing Area Manager 
Virginia Department of Health
Sarah Good
Plant Program Manager
Virginia Department of Health
Carlin Rafie
Asst Professor - Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise at Virginia Tech